Create visibility and brand awareness with connectable messaging. Consistent language establishes your brand. Leveraging persuasive and creative writing retains customers and attracts new buyers to engage

Brand Writer

Building your brand

Building brand style guide – company voice

★ Explaining your company mission through a unique voice used in every media channel

★ Training company team and modifying brand style guide as company evolves

Technical Writer

Industry writing experts

Conveying niche industry writing for internal and external purposes

★ Clear explanations of product/service to industry audience

★ Writing in layman’s terms for non-industry people

Blog & Article Writer

add value to your customers​

Add value to your audience with interesting and relevant content

Increase website SEO ranking with SEO writing and keyword page linking

★ Inbound marketing strategy

Platform knowledge: LinkedIn 

MY BOOST: Article Writer + Technical Writer

Social Media Content

build organic audience and community​

★ Writing for sales & event campaigns

★ Include relevant trending content

★ Hashtag research

★ Building marketing strategy via social media

★ Scheduling posts

Platform knowledge: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora

PPC Content

create visibility and brand awareness​

Writing per platform guidelines 

★ Diversifying content strategy for AB testing

★ Building content on the creatives themselves

Platform knowledge: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora

How-to Guide Development

explain your brand and reduce customer service

Creating valuable content on your company product/service

★ PDF with Q&As, trending industry topics, company value, listicles

★ Lead generation strategy

Software knowledge: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Presentation Expert

develop your pitch

Building easy to understand, digestible presentation material

Explanations for internal company use and external promotion

Platform knowledge: Tableau, Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides

Product & Service Description

explain your brand and reduce customer service

Concise explanations with persuasive marketing language

★ Sharing product features and what makes you different

★ Incorporating valuable SEO keywords and backlinks

Ecommerce Listing Writing

beat your competitors and increase your sales

Writing for readability and fitting the algorithm of the platform

Boosting your product organically

★ Amazon: bullet points, EPC/A+ Content, Amazon posts with A10 algorithm

★ Ebay: Cassini algorithm writing

★ Shopify/WooCommerce: SEO keyword writing with product clarity and marketing language

Industry knowledge: eCommerce algorithm style and platform rules


get organized and grow

Data entry

★ Generating reports

★ Tagging and organizing clients

Platform knowledge: Salesforce, Excel, Hubspot, Active Campaign, Zendesk Sell

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