Graphic & Video Design

Brand your business reputation with premium creatives. Visual creatives speak louder than words. Consistently promote your business with high quality branded material stylized to the voice and values of your company

UX/UI Designer

design for success

★  Website and mobile app design

★  eCommerce web design

★  Brand optimization experience

★  Build branding guide (font, color, design)

★  Landing page creation

★  Structural design solutions

★  Optimizing existing design and experience

★  Presentations

★  QA with software developers

★  Optimization funnels

Software knowledge: Figma, Adobe XD

Video Editor

video is worth a million words

★  Branded videos – increase brand value

★  Product/service videos – increase awareness & conversions

★  Cartoon/animation; real

★  PPC videos

★  Creations for: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Snapchat, Amazon PPC and listings

★  Reinventing brand with existing content

Software knowledge: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Lightworks, Pinnacle Studio

3D Video

bring 2D to life

★  Creating realistic 3D product images

★  360° view

★  Mockups of products prior to having physical product

★  Better quality and angles, increasing conversions

★  3D models for idea (product, service)

★  Real estate – realistic visualizations of home

Software knowledge: 

3D Images

enhance consumer understanding

★  Creating realistic 3D product images

★  Mockups of products prior to having physical product

★  Better image resolution = higher sales marketplace ranking

★  Real estate – realistic visualizations of home

Software knowledge: Autodesk 3ds Max

Animation/Motion Designer

create special effects bringing concept to life

★  Visual effects

★  PPC & social media videos

★  Company internal presentation

★  Branding videos

Product Designer

Bringing your idea to life

★  Evolve 2D to 3D for manufacturing

★  Feedback and strategy on user experience

★  Build package design

★  Incorporate product branding

Software knowledge: SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Adobe Illustrator

Ecommerce Creatives

stand out in the marketplace

★  Creation and editing following platform guidelines

★  Amazon EBC/A+ content creation

★  Creation and editing for platforms

★  PPC ads within platforms

★  Homepage, product/service images

★  Product catalog creation – wholesale, investors 

PPC Graphics

drive online sales

★  Static images, fitting your branding guide

★  Create images for AB testing

★  Built for social media platforms, Google Display and Google Shopping Ads

★  Branding and selling

★  Lead generation

PPC Videos

capture the essence of your brand

★  Convertible videos for PPC

★  Create videos for AB testing

★  Branding and selling

★  Lead generation

★  App downloads

★  Remarketing

Platform knowledge: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy

Social Media Creatives

bring value to your viewers

★  Branding creatives

★  Sharing company vision and mission

★  Awareness

★  Builds brand credibility

★  Organic platform growth, building community

★  Feedback and strategy

Art Director

build and maintain the company look and feel

★  Build strategy of brand

★  Direct and manage marketing teams

★  Implement company branding in every published work

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