Real Estate

Market your properties worldwide promoting buyers dreams. As a business whose vision is to create new beginnings for others, you require a top notch professionals in this niche. Advancing the ideals of your company to your assets.

As the supplier of new beginnings for others, you can only achieve these goals with a reputation for service. You don’t sell buildings, you sell dreams. Build a dream team and quickly advance your speed of agency growth.

3D Modeling/Photorealistic Render

bring 2d to life

★  Creating realistic 3D real estate model

★  Creating animated real estate walk-through

★  Blueprints prior to having physical building/home ready

★  Better image resolution = higher sales marketplace ranking

Software knowledge: Autodesk 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Rhino 3D

Social Media Manager

remain relevant and trending in your industry

★  increase your organic audience on social media

★  stay relevant with social media trends, hashtags, and music

★  scheduling content

★  respond and reply to comments and private messages

★  reviewing performance and analytics

★  Posting on real estate community forums to find leads

MY BOOST: Content Writer + Social Media Manager

MY BOOST PLUS: Creatives Maker + Content Writer + Social Media Manager

Platform knowledge: LinkedIn, Craigslist, Reddit, Other Real Estate Sale Platforms

Article/Blog Writers

Share industry topics and newest findings

★  Add value to your audience with interesting and relevant content about the investment of a home

★  Increase SEO ranking with SEO writing and keyword page linking

★  Inbound marketing strategy

Customer Service Representative

be available for your buyers

★  Increase conversions with prompt and accurate customer support

★  Happy customers leads to brand loyalty

★  Email support

★  Chat support

★  Phone support

MY BOOST: 24/7 Team Support

PPC Manager

spread awareness of your service

★  Manage PPC campaigns promoting estates via audience interest and geographic location

★  PPC campaign creation on social media

★  Youtube video marketing

★  AB testing

★  Budget management

★  Build campaign strategy to maximize strong campaigns

★  Improving ROAS with creative suggestions

★  Follow platform guidelines

★  Providing creative suggestions based on trends

MY BOOST: Content Writer + Social Media Expert

MY BOOST PLUS: Video Maker + Content Writer + Social Media Expert

Software knowledge: LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Reddit, Quora, Taboola/Outbrain, etc.

Technical Writer

build visualization in persuasive writing

★  Create housing listing with clear explanations of features to potential buyers

★  Persuasive descriptive writing about real estate on the market

★  Write in layman’s terms for non-industry people

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